Debrah Scarlett


Debrah Scarlett

Debrah Scarlett (Norway/Switzerland), whose real name is Joanna Deborah Bussinger, has come in spite of her young age an impressive international way.

With the song «To Figure» Debrah Scarlett presents her debut single, which amazes due to her expressive voice and her autonomity. It’s a beautiful melange of pop and soul combined with the coolness of the North and the warmth of jazz. Debrah Scarlett says: «Even Classical and the vintage style of earlier epochs have influenced my songwriting». Mingled with her voice, her very own style and charme, this song leads to not less than the pop-surprise of the year 2016. At the young age of 22, Debrah Scarlett has already produced a mature, harmonious and dynamically captivating single debut on her own, without submitting to the trends of the mainstream and without losing her creativity and artistic identity.

Debrah is currently working on her full-length debut.

Co-published with Budde Music and Reel Music.